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Hi, I’m Aimie, welcome to my website! When I was young, I was always sick, always felt really tired and hated all sports, PE or anything more strenuous than watching TV. As I got older, I continued to put on weight and by the age of 16, I was carrying over 5 stone in excess weight. I begged my dad for a gym membership so that I could finally get fit and become the happy, healthy person I dreamed of becoming. I started practising yoga and my love affair with health and fitness began… I managed to lose the 5 stones in 2 years and was absolutely delighted. But then I had trouble maintaining my goal weight, which may feel familiar.

Aimie Smith Move and Nourish Yoga

By the time I reached 18, I started getting sick and lethargic again and in no time lost all my energy to exercise!

I put some of the weight back on and felt awful! I suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Urinary Tract Infections caught up with me every other week, I had regularly get kidney infections, suffered from low blood pressure, fainting (up to 4 times a day), hypoglycemia and ultimately became incontinent! It would be fair to say that life was not good!

So after searching for a cure, at 21, I met a nutritionist, Ruth Pretty, who had my gut tested and put me on a plan that included the right supplements for my gut and she advised that I give up gluten, sugar and dairy. I was already vegetarian (and had been from the age of 6) and within 3 months I’d not only lost the extra weight I couldn’t seem to shake off before, but I felt the best I’d ever felt! My digestion felt easy and calm, my physical pain in many areas of my body was gone, I no longer had PMT, I stopped fainting, and all my symptoms were gone! Incredible right? I was over the moon to feel healthy again, plus it felt easy to maintain because I could eat as much healthy food as I liked, and I felt incredible, full of energy, happy, calm, and excited to be alive!


Since then, I’ve been in love with nutrition and nourishing myself with amazing foods and realise that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand!

Aimie's raw mago wraps

I can now honestly say that every year I feel better and better and I love the happiness that I get from eating incredibly clean foods, meditating and doing the exercise that suits me.

I am so passionate about it, that I recently wrote a book called Nourish with Aimie, encouraging others to nourish themselves with lots of brilliant veggies in a fun way!

I personally believe everyone is unique and different people need different things. It is so important to do what your mind and body need, whether that’s a long walk, calm breathing exercises, some beautiful Functional Yoga or Pilates or joining me for a good sweat in an awesome Functional HIIT class at my studio!

That’s why I offer a diverse range of classes to suit all abilities and interests.


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When we look after and nourish our minds and bodies with amazing clean foods, exercise, movement and good hydration and lots of oxygen we are unleashed to our true potential!

So get in touch and book in!

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