Taking the core principles of Pilates, yoga and functional fitness and movement training, I have developed a wonderful Functional Pilates and yoga fusion class called, Gentle Strength and Mobility, where we focus on:

• mobility
• strength
• core and pelvic floor strength (for men and women)
• breathing and
• improved balance

The body can move in 3 directions at any one time, so by adding functional principles to this class, we can take Pilates exercises and make them more realistic and suitable for our every day lives.

Currently with Covid we are running this class online via zoom. All classes are recorded and all attendes recieve the recording to practice at home.

Class times

Friday 10 am GMT


Sessions are bought in monthly blocks at

£40 per month for one class per week

£80 per month for unlimited classes per week

If you are interested, please give me a call on 07828 296 068 or email aimie@moveandnourish.com so we can discuss where you are physically and get you ready for your first class!


9 responses to “Pilates”

  1. Hi Linda,

    Thank you for your message, I have just returned from honeymoon, so apologies for the delayed reply!

    I would recommend coming for a free one on one consultation where we can look at your movement and give you slight variations where needed and look at what your movement is like.

    It sounds pretty hard core doing body pump, so I cant see to many issues. I train many other clients with different injuries etc. and really enjoy the challenge! So just let me know if you fancy a free trial and we can have a go!

    My number is 07828296068 or just contact me via the website,

    best wishes!


  2. Hello I would like to undertake one of your Thursday pm classes to see whether it’s for me. I have done 2 I hour sessions on Pilates previously so have only a limited knowledge. Gini

  3. Hi Gini,

    Thank you for your message! There is space in the 7.15 class tonight, come along and see how you find it. Give me a call on 07828 296 068 and I can give you directions. Look forward to meeting you!


  4. I have never done any Pilates classes before but I’ve heard that it is good for back problems. Is this something that you would recommend?

  5. Hi Julie,

    Thank you for your message! The reason I started doing Pilates 5 years ago myself was to heal a back problem and it really does keep my back wonderfully pain free. I also have lots of regular class members and personal clients who would all agree that it keeps their backs in great condition! You are welcome to come and try a class with me. There is space next Thursday evening at 7.15.

    It is a wonderful group and I only have a maximum of 5 people per group, to ensure people feel comfortable asking questions and can have special attention when needed.

    Let me know if you can make that,

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Aimie,

    Sorry I haven’t replied till now, I’ve been away.  I would be interested in coming to a Pilates class but I would prefer to come to your Monday group at 10.00am.  Is that possible?

    Julie Clarke

  7. Hey Annie, How are you, you are in luck, I have 1 space left on a Thursday at 6, please call me on 07828 296068 to confirm the space and your free trial. You will be absolutely fine, it is a mixed group and they are lovely! Look forward to hearing from you! Aimie

  8. Hi Aimee, can you tell me where your Pilates classes are & if you have any spaces at the moment.
    Many thanks

  9. Hey Sarah, thank you for the message! Lovely to hear from you! We have space on Thursday at 6 pm and 7.15 pm for Pilates and space in Yoga at 10.30 am on Friday morning, fancy coming for a free session? Love Aimie

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