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Aimie’s work, Wow! If there is anything that gets results in ONE session, it is this! My tension in my neck and jaw, GONE! I never knew how much it is holding me down till we got rid of it. I feel much freer, myself and also determined without the fear of pursuing my business. Thank you Aimie- you’re a True Healer!

– Ibrahim Azam, Pharmacist and Founder at Superior Wellness, Sydney Australia

I’ve been working with Aimie now as my Body Code coach for about 30 sessions. I have seen significant changes in many areas of my life. I feel like a very different person to who I was before this.
I’ve been lugging around emotions and patterns for many years, and through her work as a coach, she has very gently helped me let these go. For me, this has led to:-

* an improved relationship with my wife. Little things that used to nag me, just don’t anymore (this is huge for me)
* more money. We did a lot of work on blocks I have had in my business. There was one month in there that after a session with Aimie, we sent on to have a record month. We usually make about $130k per month and in this month we did $270k so more than doubled.

I feel more at peace, and she is now working with my wife and seeing amazing results with her as well.

Thank you so much Aimie. What you do is truly remarkable and I really hope people get to experience you. I propose you get a 10 pack of coaching calls and work with her for a longer period to really reap the rewards. I highly recommend this work.

-Andrew Roberts, Brisbane, Australia, Body Code Sessions



Just wanted to take a moment to shout out in gratitude to the beautiful Aimie Smith who I had the chance to do a session with this week. Aimie put a post up on this page last week about her work in kinesiology – clearing trapped emotions. What I’ve learned from years of personal development is that some of our trauma is very deeply entwined and even though we are aware of it and have done the work consciously, it can have many layers. Aimie helped me to identify and shift some deeply stored pain that had still been triggering me, despite the truckloads of work I’ve already done. We did the session remotely – I was at home relaxing while she guided me over the phone – it was easy, joyful and freeing. If you’re curious about how this could work for you – I’d certainly recommend you connect with Aimie Smith and ask her. She’s awesome!

– Naomi Smith, Executive Coach/Consultant, Brisbane, Australia


Empathetic, knack for detail and curiosity, these are the traits of Aimie that bring awareness, presence and breakthroughs to her clients that are in need of her services.

Aimie’s authenticity is abounded, wanting tangible results and life defining changes in her clients lives is her goal, this is achieved as she dives in deep to your subconscious mind.

Aimie uses psychological and intuitive techniques to discover root issues of patterning problems. In my experience with her technique; ” The emotion code”, emotions and memories have been discovered like locked rooms, opening doors and clearing negative programming to achieve mindfulness, success and happiness within me.

I would be happy to recommend any one of my clients, friends and family to Aimie, through her care and genuineness, her love shines, portraying a pioneering self development coach, focused on your self transcendence and self actualisation.

– Leon John Comino, Company: Balance Personal Training, Sydney, Australia


Aimie is my daughter and I’d been going to her yoga and pilates classes for years and using www.moveandnourish.com, but about a year ago I started getting sciatica in my hip, Aimie gave me some exercises to do and I did them regularly. I was referred to a physiotherapist by my doctor, but that didn’t work either. Then Aimie started doing The Emotion Code, she said it might work, so we gave it a go. She asked if there were any trapped emotions in my hip and the muscle testing said a strong “yes” we found the trapped emotion, which was guilt from age 4, I wasn’t sure what that was from, so Aimie asked was it to do with my mum, “no”, my dad? “no”, my sister? “YES” Then I remembered I’d accidentally knocked my younger sister over when I was 4 and she cut her head, I’d felt so guilty for hurting her!

We released the trapped emotion by taking the magnet up and over my head 3 times and asked if there were any more trapped emotions, released a few more until there were none left and checked to see if the pain was still there. It was, but over the next two days it got less and on the third day it had completely gone and has never returned after 6 months!

If I get any aches or pains now, I get Aimie to release the trapped emotions and it always feels better! Aimie has worked on all of our family and we all can’t believe how much better we all feel! My mum, Aimie’s Nan thinks it is wonderful!

– Debbie Smith, Aimie’s Mum, Inspiration, Worcester, England

I have had several Emotion Code sessions with Aimie. I spent the first two session swapping between sceptical thought and thoughts of ‘that makes sense”.  The third session was amazing. I relaxed and just went with the process. At the end of the session I felt tired but incredibly relaxed –  the exact opposite of how I felt at the start of the session.  I have worked on three different issues so far and I have felt and see progress on each issue.  Aimie is generous with her time and her knowledge.  She is caring and intuitive. I left the sessions feeling that she was on my side and truly wanted to help and improve my health and life.  She has succeeded with this. Thank you Aimie

– Jennie Barnes, Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, Worcester, England

I had my first session with Aimie in November on Skype. I had no prior experience with the emotion code prior to this session, and was not sure what to expect.

I work at a desk, and like most office workers, have tension in my shoulders. Over the years I have been to various massage therapists to relieve the pain with no success. The common takeaway was that the muscle tension in my shoulders was not normal for my age and the active lifestyle I lead outside of work.

After half an hour with Aimie, the tension in my shoulders eased. My shoulders felt light and free. One month on, the tension and pain has not returned. I highly recommend Aimie. The emotion code is a life changing experience!”

-Alaina Brown, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

I thoroughly recommend The Emotion Code. The emotion code/clinical kinesiology bypasses what can often be a very lengthy process of elimination, in order to find out ‘what’s wrong’ with a person. It locates the source and gets you the answers immediately, and the rest is up to you! I first visited a clinical kinesiologist five years ago, following a recommendation from a friend. I went because even after changing my lifestyle when I was 18 (and losing 4 dress sizes as a side-effect) I was still suffering a range of stomach and digestive problems, that were so life-limiting and annoying. I always had to know where the nearest toilet was and had to sit still for about 20 minutes after eating anything, no matter how big or small. I tried to accept that this was just the way I was. But it got to the point when I’d had enough and wanted answers. My kinesiologist found the source and reasons behind ALL the issues I was having immediately. I had had a fungus in my stomach since I was a child, from an extremely poor diet, regular antibiotics (I was ALWAYS ill) and a very stressful and turbulent upbringing. I was also severely gluten-intolerant. After a couple of weeks of adjusting my diet, my digestive problems disappeared! Fast forward five years, and I am now in better health and better shape in my 30’s than I ever was in my 20’s. So when Aimie learned and started using the emotion code, which is a form of kinesiology I was extremely keen to see if I had any left over trapped emotions that I’d been storing. And sure enough I did! Aimie found and released many trapped emotions, following a few traumatic events in my childhood and adolescence. It’s only since they’ve been released that I can see how much they’d been affecting me; as certain things that once bothered me no longer do. I’m now experiencing a great sense of peace and freedom in my day to day life and it feels everything has been enhanced! Many of my PT clients have also benefited from the emotion code, as it has enabled them to understand and finally be free of certain behaviours, such as emotional eating. So their results have improved too! I am so grateful to Aimie for helping both me and my clients, and for now having such a powerful tool to hand, to help the health and well-being of anybody who wants answers.

Genevieve Preece, Personal Trainer, Southampton, England

 I have had six amazing sessions with Aimie and feel so much lighter and freer than before we started working together.  I have had some reoccurring emotions that don’t feel good at all and I have noticed that they have totally dissipated since our sessions together.  Aimie has the most wonderful, caring and kind nature and is an amazing guide through this process.  I feel 100% safe and have been able to open right up and really clear the blockages that have been holding me back emotionally. As much as I don’t really understand the quantum world yet, I know from my results that this works and works powerfully.  Aimie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom, your skill and your kindness.
Kate Trevillian, Business and Life Coach, WA, Australia
Hi  everybody, my name is Jim.(Aimie’s Granddad ,Jim)
Unfortunately my Beautiful Wife Pam (Aimie’s Wonderful Nan) passed away only 10 months ago. I was absolutely devastated , and lost, we were so close.. From the moment we met in 1970 in Spain. We were inseparable,and very much in love for all our time together.People used to comment that they could see how much we loved each, other as soon as they met us .
After I had lost my Pam I started having really violent headaches I thought I was having really bad migraines or something even worse ? I couldn’t stand the pain and just mentioned it to Aimie one day!  Aimie came to our house and did a series of emotional release sessions I don’t know how or why it works ! But it works! She asked me questions about each emotion that came up that needed releasing, when I met Pam and released so much tension from that had built up after losing Pam,to things that had affected
me through my life from 5 years of age right up until today .Apparently all this tension was trapped in
my sub conscious and had come to the fore when I lost Pam.
Aimie was unbelievable I am very sceptical about things like this, and was hard to  convince too even try this ! It was painless and the headaches went immediately, in that one session! Touch wood they haven’t come back .
I cannot thank My Wonderful Granddaughter Aimie enough… I will just keep loving her as much as I can !! I would never have believed this possible, it really did work,
Granddad Jim

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