Aimie’s Inspirations… Novak Djokovic

Hello my lovely health and fitness family!

I hope you are all very well!

So…I thought I would share with you some of my favourite people who inspire me and after the tennis yesterday I decided to finally write about my favourite tennis star… Novak Djokovic, there are many reasons I always root for Djokovic and the first one was simply that he always seems to have fun! Dressing up as Shakira and always seeming to enjoy life, this was the athlete I want to support… Why take it too seriously, just enjoy every day!

I’ve loved training since I was little and used to do 500 sit-ups every night before bed, but I’ve never been interested in sport, but more in the nutrition, training and mental aspect of sport, but I will happily watch Djokovic’s ridiculous lunges for the ball! He’s amazing!

He is an incredible athlete! Rising from number 17 in the world to 1st is pretty epic and all after giving up gluten…I’m a big fan! I love that he has openly talked about his diet and will have inspired others to eat better! To see the impact of this change is fantastic and shows how by simply looking after yourself you can get the edge! Of course, he will be very determined and have incredible drive, but you can’t ignore these results!
He actually found that by using a muscle testing system called, kinesiology testing, which is what my colonic hydrotherapist has used for years with me, that they found gluten did not suit him. Interestingly, kinesiology testing can be used not just for food and allergy testing, but also on many top athletes for testing the right insole in the shoes etc. and can also be used for emotional testing…very interesting!!

Djokovic also meditates!!! Wooooo Hoooo!! For the last four years Djokovic has visited the Buddhapadipa Temple to meditate and relieve stress between matches, “When I’m staying in Wimbledon Village, I like to relax between matches by being with nature.” He noted he enjoys “hearing the peaceful sounds of the water and seeing people just relax and connect with nature.”
Meditation, as you all know is of huge interest to me since I started practicing 3 years ago with my good friend Nigel, who is just as inspiring as Novac to me. They both seem to have this ease of life and inner happiness, which I find incredible!

Meditation increases concentration and focus, but also seems to give you more hours every day, eliminates procrastination and helps you to enjoy the simple thing in life!

I really admire, as I’m sure most do, people who chase their dreams, who help others find their way and lives an inspiring life! He, like all of us has had to overcome obstacles…and he is doing it

So in summary, I love having Djokovic as a role model, he is a family man and incredibly successful, has written a book on (which is on it’s way to my door right now) and he meditates! What’s not to like!

Have a great week everyone!

Love Aimie xx

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