Case Study – From Feeling Dreadful To Having Energy In 2 Sessions

On 9th May I had an Emotion Code session with one of my lovely clients and she told me she had just been feeling really down for the past few weeks, had no energy, no get up and go, had a headache that had been there for a week or so, legs were aching, and just felt drained all the time and this had been going on for weeks and she needed some help.

So we simply asked her subconscious if there were any trapped emotions causing the symptoms, there were, so we started releasing…

Firstly, there was a positive statement that was inhibited from being true because of some trapped emotions, the statement we needed to make true for my client was ‘I am worthy of Happiness’ this was untrue for her at that moment because the energy of old trapped emotions were getting in the way, her body was stuck in the past.

So we got to work… We will call my client Angela today, so Angela’s trapped emotions that came up to be released were predominantly in her Thymus gland and were mainly the emotion of ‘overwhelm ‘ and feeling ‘unworthy’, which she knew well. We released 40 emotions in total and the statement ‘I am worthy of Happiness’ then tested as true for her.

We also asked what percentage of underlying imbalances we had released in that session and we had shifted 34% of the total emotional cause, which let us know that 2 more sessions should do the trick.

Angela said she felt a little bit better and we booked her in for her second session two days later.

When Angela answered my call on Friday, our second session, she sounded like a weight had been lifted! She told me that she had felt progressively better and better after our session and the pain had gone and she had been excited to get back to her gardening. When I asked specifically what felt different her answer took me pleasantly by surprise, she said,’my whole being just feels better’ we continued to release the next batch of emotions and she was eager to get going with her day, a total shift from 2 days ago.

We completed Angela’s 3rd session on Monday and she felt incredible, she had a great weekend and felt like herself again, positive, uplifted and looking forward to the future!

Angela said ‘Aimie you are a little miracle worker, I feel so much better!!! Yesterday felt a lot better and today even better than that, my whole being just feels better’

I feel so lucky to have found this amazing tool and that I’m able to help all these incredible people to live a life that feels as good as possible!

If you would like any more info on releasing emotions please click this link EMOTION CODE and to book a session simply email me at

Wishing you all a beautiful day and the ability to see all the potential around you!

Love Aimie x x x

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