Personal Training, Group Classes and Kinesiology in Double Bay

Since moving to Sydney 3 years ago I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people who share my passion for Functional Movement and a holistic approach to training clients to ensure we build people up for longevity and quality of life whilst reaching their goals.

One of these amazing people is Coby du Preeze, an incredible Remedial Massage Therapist. Coby was attending one of my classes and I loved his positive energy and the fact he didn’t stop smiling the entire time! Afterwards, we had a chat and he asked me about my ribs, I’d had Pneumonia when I was 3 and my ribs are deformed on that side, after having a few sessions with Coby my entire Ribcage felt better and I still see him now for maintenance.

When Coby and his incredible wife Danni decided to open a space I jumped at the chance to work with these fantastic people and I am delighted to say that Muscle Medicine in Double Bay is now open!

I will be running some small group classes which will be announced shortly and continuing to work with Personal Training and Kinesiology clients from this beautiful, light, open and functional space Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6am-12pm.

For a complimentary assessment or for more information please call me on 0401 232 413 or email

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. What a beautiful way to introduce the space Aimie! Thank you so much!
    We are so excited and lucky to have you training from the studio and being able to refer our clients on to you.
    We look forward to many years of collaboration!

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